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Looking for an outstanding OSHC provider for your school?


We create balanced programs that appeal to the age, interests and skills of each child. Each day, a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities are offered, catering to different skill levels. This ensures every child is engaged and enjoys their time at OSHC.

Activities designed to develop social skills and learning outcomes, which promote increased confidence and effective communication.

Much of our programmed activity is play-based, however, it is also aligned with the school's curriculum to enhance learning outcomes as guided by the NQF.


We seek to create opportunities for children to engage independently, promote group work and the development of social skills, encourage problem- solving, critical thinking and insight, decision-making, social and dramatic play, through choice and variety.

Vacation Care, with incursions and excursions, every day is jam-packed with fun and engaging activities run by local sports coaches, dancers, teachers and early childhood educators.

With School's OUT! our focus is firmly on best practice, flexibility and customisation, we are establishing a reputation for delivering consistent nurturing, community-focused and valued services across OSHC.


At School's OUT! we have a reliable, experienced and friendly team behind each of our school contracts.

For more information on how School's OUT can partner with your School please contact


School's OUT!! focus and key objective are to deliver the Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) that maximise the benefits for the school, the children and the families using our services and programs.

We deliver flexible and innovative programs that include:

A wide range of customised programs activities to suit all ages, interests, and skill levels, ensuring the children are always engaged happily.

Our programs will be customised to meet the needs of the your Primary school community, children and facilities. We offer an inclusive and supportive environment that meets the needs of all children.

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