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Our School Holiday Program is offered in the locations listed below.   School's OUT caters for children from  5 - 12 years. Our program runs from Monday- Friday from 7am-6:30pm!  

Each day is jam packed with fun and engaging one hour block workshops run by local sports coaches, dancers, teachers and early childhood educators. 

Our program is designed by passionate, qualified staff  with a wide variety of activities that include the interests of all children and encourage children to have fun and learn new skills. 


Excursions and incursions:


We love going on many excursions over the school holidays, some of our favourites have been Laser Tag, Ten Pin Bowling and  lots of Party Bus fun. 

Each holidays we see the latest movie at the cinemas and enjoy exploring our local community. 

All excursions are carefully planned and fully supervised by our amazing staff and they will have your child smiling from ear to ear! 


As part of our holiday program, children have the chance to enjoy lots of fun incursions. 

We have teamed up with local businesses to offer a variety of fun and exciting activities, such as local dance schools and Pilate studios. 

We guarantee each day will be full of fun and laughter! 


Out of pocket expenses.

Session is $85 - Pay as little as: $16.38 a day*

Session is $95 - Pay as little as: $18.29 a day*

Session is $105 - Pay as little as: $20.21 a day*

*After Government rebates are applied.

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